It’s all meme, meme, meme!


Before I start I’d just like to say that I love my mum. Very much. I love her more than any other mum in the whole universe. And my dad. I love him too. More than all the other dads.

I also think that every member of the armed forces are doing a sterling job wherever they are in the world. As are the nurses. The fire brigade. The paramedics. The police force. That PC Plod off Noddy singlehandedly keeps Toytown free of all the riffraff and I’ve not even seen a single glue sniffer hanging around Big Ears’ house looking to scrounge a plastic bag and a Pritt stick. They’re all bloody brilliant.

Neither is it a bad thing that we share this. That we let these people know. NHS staff have been on strike today. For a 1% pay rise. Good for bloody them. And we should be supporting them to the bloody hilt.

But, we do have to be careful how we show this support. Blindly sharing statuses that seem to support our troops or call for us to ‘Save Our NHS’ could be promoting something much worse if we don’t take a little time to examine who is posting these memes.

Right-wing groups on Facebook are taking advantage of the good intentions of the population. Love your mum. Wear your poppy with pride next month. But also think before you share … unless its this blog … just share this without thinking.