Bedtime for Bonzo

On the 30th March 1981 John Hinkley Jr. attempted to assassinate the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

He did this because he was trying to impress Jodie Foster. Or, so he said.

If he had been successful and managed to have killed Reagan, what would that have meant for Jodie Foster?

Would she have been expected to make a statement condemning this murder that had been committed in her name? Or, would we all have just assumed that because most sane-thinking people believe murder is morally wrong that she didn’t approve of Hinkley’s actions, whether she said so or not?

What would have happened if she’d simply remained silent?

Perhaps all her films would now be seen as propaganda in order to indoctrinate the people of the world to turn to evil. Kids would see the use of splurge guns in Bugsy Malone as a call to arms. The identity swapping antics of Freaky Friday would now be regarded as a coded message for children of all races to replace their parents and cause anarchy around the world …

“Let’s overthrow the Government kids, Jodie Foster thinks it’s ok!”

In an attempt to stop Foster’s evil message we could all take to the streets and burn down any cinema showing Disney’s Candleshoe. That’s the only way of stopping the hate and the murder. To fight fire with fire.

And yet, that’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

It’d be like blaming every Christian for the actions of Peter Sutcliffe because he claimed he was on a mission from God. Luckily, they wrote him out of The Blues Brothers.

And yet …

Over the past couple of months IS have been committing horrendous crimes in the name of Islam.  Or, so they say.

Crimes that the world and the vast majority of muslims condemn. In that time, on several social media platforms, I have seen people seemingly asking why every single muslim has not come out against these actions? Suggesting that their silence shows their approval for what IS are doing.

Well it doesn’t. No more than my silence means I agree with every white, Northern atheist that commits a crime. Every muslim hasn’t come out and condemned these actions because they don’t have to. In the same way that I don’t have to. Because we all know they condemn them.

IS do not commit these crimes in the name of Islam. It’s not their motive, it’s their excuse.

And, until we all realise this and stop looking to blame innocent millions for the actions of the few, we should all probably take that copy of Silence of the Lambs we’ve got in our DVD collection and burn it in the back garden until we all come to our senses.


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